• Ang1 - Tom and Lilly - Se saluer/ se présenter - Vocabulaire: la famille


    ANG2- Break

    ANG3- Time after school

    ANG4- Time to wake up

    ANG5- Hurry up, Dad!

    ANG6- Where's your bag?

    ANG7- At the supermarket

    ANG8- What are you doing now?



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    Mr Watson: Oh look Lilly! Isn't that Tom?

    Lilly: Yes it is! Hello Tom!


    Tom: Oh good morning Mr Watson! Hello Lilly!

    Lilly: get in, Tom!

    Tom: Thank you Lilly! It's ten to nine, I'm late!


    Lilly: Tom, have you got your tennis shoes?

    Tom: Oh yes I have! Now, where are they? Here they are!


    Lilly: Dad, have you got your bag?

    Mr Watson: I think so Lilly.


    Lilly: Where is it?

    Mr Watson: There, under my jacket.


    Lilly: No, Dad/

    Mr Watson: Really? Nevermind, maybe it's on the floor.


    Tom: Here it is, under the seat!

    Mr Watson: Thanks Tom! Goodbye Children!


    Lilly: My Dad is really impossible!

    Tom: But he's very nice



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